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To start here at Exotic Birds Shop, We place considerable emphasis on matching the right parrot species for you by understanding your expectations and living environment. furthermore, we take pride in producing baby parrots that are well socialized and loved. The time and effort we invest in all baby parrots in our nursery ensure that you will have a beautiful pet that you can love and interact with for many years to come.

Exotic Birds Shop is a certified breeder who understands the need of pet lovers who cannot coup with buying high breed parrot at their regular shop prices, in an attempt to meet such needs, we now sell not only to shops but also to individuals who we confirm to be genuine pet lovers, ready with what is needed for owning one of these beautiful creatures.

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We are specialized in the breeding of birds/parrots and we sell very fertile candle lit eggs of all species of parrots. All our eggs are collected from very healthy birds in our aviary, candle tested and 100% confirmed fertile for hatching healthy babies. We are now taking orders from those who are interested in raising up their own baby birds from the egg stage. It’s fun hatching your own babies from eggs and we will assist you in any way to hatch out your birds successfully.